Fall asleep. Stay asleep.

For over 100 years, James & Owen has been building mattresses using only the finest materials. Old world handcrafted traditions are complimented with technological and sleep science advancements to ensure you have the best night's sleep possible. Here are just some of the features that you get with every James & Owen mattress.

The most undisturbed sleep. Ever.

Motion Separation Foam
Our patented Motion Separation System is integrated into every James & Owen multi-zoned pocket coil system to ensure that you have the freedom to move without disturbing the person beside you. The multizoned pocket coil system provides ideal support where you need it most. No other brand offers the same level of undisturbed sleep.

Wake up refreshed

World-class couture mattress
covers designed with a purpose

Did you know that the average person loses almost a 33-ounces of water through sweat every night? That’s a fact! That’s why our covers are made with a three-dimensional cross-structure that creates a ventilating layer of air in the fabric. This allows air under your body to circulate and absorbed moisture to evaporate.

Use of every square
inch of your mattress

Full edge support

Gone are the days of a saggy bed edge. With James & Owen’s specially designed edge support, you can sleep right up to the edge of your mattress without feeling like you’re going to roll off. It even provides great sitting support when you sit on the edge of your bed.

No more night-time
heat waves

Temperature regulating systems

Beneath every James & Owen mattress cover is a temperature regulating fiber and foam network that allows heat to travel away from your body—maintaining an ideal sleep temperature all night long.

Handcrafted perfection

Supplemented by the latest
advancements in technology

Our sleep specialists scour the world in pursuit of the latest sleep and material innovations. From organic foams made to conform to your body; moisture wicking fabrics that control sleep temperatures; all the way down to kelvar threads. Every detail is meticulously selected and handcrafted into the perfect sleep system.

Handcrafted luxury—exclusively at Mattress Firm.

We’re ecstatic to introduce our newest product line, made from the absolute best materials that we’ve collected from around the world. You haven’t witnessed luxurious comfort until you’ve tried one. Find yours at select Mattress Firm stores today.


Tight Top

Get world-class and luxurious sleep from some of the best materials
Mother Nature provides.



Natural cooling materials make this bed both unbelievably comfortable and unbelievably cool.



Sourced from around the globe, the natural materials give you a luxurious sleep surface that's completely handcrafted.



The most renowned of the collection, sleep on a cloud at your ideal temperature every night.


You spend a third of your life in bed.
You should enjoy it.

This is one of our many drivers. The other is our customers, family, friends and co-workers. We listen to everyone’s feedback, opinions and ideas. In problems we find opportunities. We turn to innovation for ideas and continuously develop every detail in pursuit of building the perfect mattress.

Made by the people, for the people.


James & Owen mattresses come with a comprehensive 10 year warranty. You can
rest assured, we’ve got you covered. If you have any questions about the warranty or
your mattress, please see the warranty information or reach the help desk.

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    Frances Walls
  • We are very pleased with the quality and comfort of our new mattress.
  • The prices are high but honestly, I think anything great costs more.
    Susan Huddleston
  • This is our daughers first big girl bed and we are very pleased with our purchase, as is she. The mattress is very comfortable.
    Alice Zimmerman
  • I absolutely LOVE my James & Owen. I researched beds a lot before my purchase and I’m glad I picked this one.
  • Great price, quality and the salesman were honest and helpful.
  • Never knew how much of a difference a quality mattress can make in my life. James & Owen mattresses are awesome.
  • Always am and always will recommend a James & Owen Mattress to others, comfort and durability of these mattresses is outstanding.
  • Got a really good deal on my mattress, extremely happy with the quality of the mattress.
  • After trying all kinds of mattresses. We decided to go with James & Owen, after few months it was obvious we made the right choice.
    Andrew Moorer
  • I have been sleeping on a James & Owen mattress for a while and I have to say that it’s the best sleep I’ve had in years.
    Vince Gagnon
  • I just bought a James & Owen Mattress and love it! For sure I’ll buy another one soon :) Thank you!
    Katherine Diamond


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